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arrowYogendra Yadav and Sanjay Kumar. Is India a predominantly vegetarian country? How are eating habits related to caste, community and region?The Hindu-CNN-IBN State of ...- Read more

arrowDiet in Hinduism is traditionally governed by the rules laid out in the Dharmaśāstras, a genre of Sanskrit texts pertaining to Hindu religious and legal duty.- Read more

arrowThose who are not familiar with Hinduism believe that Hindus generally do not eat meat, and meat eating is an exception rather than a rule. The meat eating habits of ...- Read more

arrowMore from my site. Christian Eating Habits Just like any other community, Christians also have specific rules when it comes to eating food. Some of these rules are ...- Read more

arrowFood and Fasting in Hinduism, Eating, Sacrifice ... To a great extent Jainism and to some extent Buddhism influenced the food eating habits of the Hindu ...- Read more

arrowFound an interesting article on Hindu Eating Habits in Trinidad from Journal.com. Like many Trinidadians I’ve attended pujas/Indian weddings/Divali festivities.- Read more

arrowOne of the main influences on Indian cuisine is the Hindu religion. ... so eating pork can lead to different diseases. Most of the people in my village do not ...- Read more

arrow... (Hindu scripture) ... will people of this faith eat in a food outlet that serves food or drink that does not conform to their beliefs? ...- Read more

arrowHindu: Kannada Male, 43 living in Bangalore looking for Bride ,Second Marriage, ... Eating Habits: Veg: Drinking Habits: Any: Smoking Habits: Any: Education & Career.- Read more

arrowEating Habits in the Indian Culture. The eating habits in the Indian culture are largely based on religion and tradition. A high-vegetable diet with no ...- Read more

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